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Do you need relief from your memories?
  • Have you ever directly witnessed or experienced a traumatic event?

  • Did you learn of a traumatic event affecting a friend or loved one?

  • Were you exposed to details of a traumatic event that happened to someone else?

  • Do you have memories that are still painful or distressing when you think about them?


Therapist, psychologist talking and counselling to patient at office during psychology tre
Do you have symptoms of trauma, including:
  • Distressing memories or dreams

  • Flashbacks of the event or feeling as if the event is happening over and over again

  • Desire to avoid certain thoughts, feelings, and memories

  • Overwhelming feelings of shame, sadness, fear, or anxiety

  • Irritable behavior or angry outbursts

  • Reckless or self-destructive behavior

  • Being easily startled

  • Problems with concentration

  • Sleep disturbance


We are here to help!
Our Trauma Therapy

Our Trauma Therapy can help you desensitize and heal the traumatic memories and resolve the distressing symptoms for good.

Our Trauma Therapy can help you feel more relaxed and improve your ability to really enjoy and be present in your relationships.

Our Trauma Therapy can improve your physical health. Research shows that unhealed trauma, especially trauma that occurred in childhood can worsen a person's physical health and sometimes even reduce your life expectancy.

Our Trauma Therapy can improve focus and concentration. As memories from the past resolve, you will be able to think clearly and calmly. Most people experience an improvement in day-to-day life once the memories from the past are healed.

Our Trauma Therapy can improve the quality of your sleep. Unresolved trauma often creates distressing dreams and causes people to have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. 


Why it's so important to call now.

Many people with trauma are misdiagnosed and don't get the treatment they really need. If you have persistent negative beliefs about yourself, such as "I am not good enough," "It's my fault," or "I am not safe," then you may need treatment for trauma. More information about evidence-based treatment for trauma can be found here:

Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)

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